Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Absurdity of Being Sue(d)

Funny day today. Went to bed last night making plans to run away, at least for a day or two. Last decided, the deal was that we go to Vellore early tomorrow morning, visit Soumya, go to Bangalore from there and return to Madras by Saturday morning. Then Soumya called up in the morning and said that her cold was better and that she would visit me here in Madras today after all, as per the first plan.

Not that she could stay for long, but it was splendid seeing her again. Guess I’m getting too clinging.

After the train pulled out of the station with her inside was when the fun started… I was walking moodily down the platform, meditating upon my wrongs. When along came a short little woman demanding our platform tickets, which of course we had forgotten to buy. Turns out the fine is Rs. 312 per person. Nasty shock that was. Tried explaining to the checker that it was an honest mistake, but she wasn’t having any of it, all the more so when Hemant started doing his angry young student bit. She finally said that she would charge us for only person if one of us stayed behind while the other went to the ATM to get the money. When Hemant had left I explained he was a bit upset because his girlfriend had left, and he was only a kid – 18 to my 25 – and it gave her the chance to moralise a bit on young blood.

Afterwards, when we were finally safe in the car, the smses from Soumya began ringing in. Turned out she’d got the ticket for tomorrow and not today, so she had also been jumped upon by an irate TTI. She was luckier than us though because all those middle-aged men sitting all around her abused the poor checker for hounding such a young girl and packed him off after she’d paid for a proper ticket (no fine of course).

What we learn from it all: Farce-is-never-too-away-from-angst. Thus spake the foolish one.

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