Sunday, September 04, 2005

Singapore, Day 13

The night safari at the Singapore Zoo was great last night. Ravi and I walked around for an hour and a half and then took a 'tram' ride around the zoo. Saw all kinds of animals, closer than I've ever seen them before, a lot of them. Saw so many animals which are usually too shy to be seen properly in zoos that I'm convinced they were trained to sit in the spot-lighted areas!

Photography was next to impossible, so no pics of this part of the trip should be expected. The other thing I learnt last night is that no matter how old, a male will always jump on a suspension bridge. Honestly, men!

The other thing I wanted to mention was that at the Causeway Mall yesterday we went into a fantastic jigsaw puzzle shop. Only wish I could have bought a set. There were all kinds of pictures, including some awesome manga ones. There's no denying it, manga does have a very definite appeal.

We're leaving in a few hours. Leaving early, in the hope that it will be easier to check in too much luggage.

Good to be going back to India, that's what I say.

The last goodbye from Singapore, at least for now.

A little later. Thought I'd add this, just because I can. Have checked in at Changi and the waiting lobby here has free internet but no toilets. Pretty weird. Do they mean it as compensation? Everything is ok so far. We had a bit of excess luggage (ok, a lot) but since we didn't have any hand luggage it was sorted out very nicely. They gave us a bag, one of those cheap, plaited plastic affairs, and we divided the luggage in one of the strolleys into 2 pieces of hand baggage. We bought some cosmetics and lots of chocolates and then sat down at the MacCafe where they fed me a fabulous sandwich and some excellent coffee. Cup the size of the old Caffeine ones. Ma's chocolate chip muffin was very good too. Goodbye, really this time, from Singapore.

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