Saturday, September 03, 2005

Singapore, Day 12

No log for yesterday because I wasn't well and was singularly boring to be around. Sore throat, aching muscles, the works, so I slept most of the day. In the evening, when the others went out (to a really nice mall in Raffles' Place, one of the more posh affairs, Ma says) I watched 'Paheli'. I couldn't figure out how to fix the speakers though, so I watched it without audio. Dhruba (friend from Calcutta, soon to be a relative I suppose) says that adds to the movie-watching experience. I dunno. I followed the story but I have no idea why people were doing the things that they did.

Afterwards there was yet another Singapore 'first' -- I watched a Chinese serial called Baby Blues which was very graphic in my opinion, regarding fertility treatments and pregnancy, but hey, I'm just a conservative middle-class Bong... Good fun to watch though. There was a mother/grandmother who warned the picture of her dead husband that he better bless their son with children since just because he was dead he need not assume his responsibilities were at an end. She followed it up with the threat that inaction on his part would result in terrible vengeance from her side when she joined him in the nether world. (There were English subtitles, lah, how else would I follow all this?)

Couldn't sleep at night so I tuned into Chinese FM stations... not bad fun. Not great music though, most of it. One DJ was funny, and that's where I picked up the "lah".

So far today we've been to yet another mall (where I didn't buy anything, wonder of wonders). Oh no, I did buy Ma a black furry ball with two big eyes. She insists that it's cute. Whatever. If I meet it in the middle of the night anywhere at home I'll scream the house down and so I warned her.

Meeting Ravi in an hour's time to go to the Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo. Vicky, your cousin called, but since I wasn't free I couldn't meet him today.

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