Thursday, September 01, 2005

Singapore, Day 10

September 1, 2005
A lot of people will no doubt be relieved to hear that I didn't get a tattoo after all... I went with Ravi to the place where one can get them. Looked a bit seedy but safe enough. I changed my mind in the last minute because it seemed too expensive, S$100 for one small tattoo.

Went to a lot of interesting places yesterday, actually. Kishore took Ma and me out walking near the Esplanade, so we went into the Theatres on the Bay building, which has some hideously expensive but intriguing shops inside. One shop sold movie posters, but only recent ones. (I almost bought one of the big shark in Finding Nemo but that's another story. Besides, if we were to go into all the things I have 'almost bought' in Singapore, these mails would become a lot longer.)

One shop sold teddy bears. One buys the unstuffed bear, fills it with one's choice of stuffing and then gets to choose from racks and racks of teddy clothing. Luckily, none of it would have fitted Srinivas, because he was out with me yesterday and it would be very diffcult to refuse to buy him clothes when I've been shopping so much for myself! We walked around the various quays. The shophouses on Boat Quay are particularly quaint and we saw the live seafood at a Jap restaurant. The thing was, the crabs were huge. The prospect of eating them was more scary than enticing. We also saw the original merlion, a much smaller, cuter affair than that ugly thing at Sentosa. It's stuck out on the bay and has water gushing out of its mouth. One can sit there feeling the spray from the fountain and watching the boats go by. We saw one of the Ducktours boats, which is part bus, part boat and which looks screamingly funny on both land and sea!

Kishore eventually took us to a satay area near Raffles Place. It's an old building with lovely wrought-iron work on the grills and rafters which houses a Kopitiam (the generic name of coffee-houses I find, although it's also the name of one particular chain. We had chicken, duck and mutton satay (something like small kebabs on sticks, for those who're wondering) all of which was very good. I also tried out the chendol, a sweet dessert made of red beans (yes, beans), coconut cream, two kinds of jelly and lots of ground ice, served with some hot brown sauce on top. So far I've had the Hainanese chicken rice (hope I got the term right), chendol and the Singapore kopi (coffee). The kopi didn't impress me... but I grew up in South India after all :-) I mean to try out the kaya roti, which is a sort of a slightly flattened bun with egg jam. Sounds gross but is supposed to be delicious.

I have also discovered a delicious hamburger at Burger King's. It's a double cheese hamburger with mushrooms in it and it's positively heavenly. It's also very, very filling. Otherwise, I'm not really into the burger scene. But that I always knew.

Satiated in Singapore,

Those who are wondering at the length of these mails... I like writing journals while travelling. Maitra, Misha, Nan and gang would know that! This time, I thought an online version would be more fun. You can always skip them if they are too long/boring. The subject header ought to warn you :-)

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