Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Contributing to the debate...

What is it about the homosexuals anyway? People seem to do nothing but talk about them. Why??? Anybody discussing my sex life? I don�t think so. It's assumed that as a (supposedly) straight, adult, independent woman, the people I sleep with are my business -- but hey, what if those people just happened to be other adult, independent women? Then I get branded?
Ok, for the sake of argument let's go ahead with the branding ('straight's a label too, if you didn't realise) but does that mean everybody and his family have the right to judge my ethics and morality? I assume that since I'm pretty spoken for (oh all right, so I'm old fashioned) nobody will hit on me, and vice versa. But people seem to take it for granted that if I state a preference for women in my bed I am also advertising 1. infidelity 2. my nymphomaniac status. How very strange and how very rude. As far as I know one's orientation has nothing to do with one's understanding of faithfulness. And why would anybody want to be a nymphomaniac? Hey, I think I enjoy sex as much as the next person (well, sometimes maybe more) but I cannot imagine wanting to do nothing else all day. How very exhausting that would be. And how can you enjoy it if you are too tired to do it right? Yet it is assumed that if I like to sleep with women then I can't wait to get into bed with as many women as I can and as often as I can. No use blaming the porn videos for this perception though, guys. Then we�d have to assume that pretty much everybody's sex-mad.
I really don't get it. We all talk about it -- till I mention that I might be interested in trying it out and suddenly I'm that weird girl talking scary stuff over there. Hello? Thought we were being very modern and understanding out here?
But what really, really puts me off homosexuals is some of them trying so hard to proclaim it; why on earth, is what I say. Your sexuality is your own business. Matters shd be kept that way, because I do know I don't particularly want anybody else's in my face, straight or gay. I'm assuming most rational people feel that way.

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