Sunday, August 21, 2005

Travellin' Light, Singapore Day 1

Am in Singapore now. Alles ok, sauf the keyboard is messy and there's a virus at large on the PC.

Apres ma sortie dramatique, I'm back to my blog. More later, peut-etre.

From the emails:

Am safe and sound in Singapore, albeit a little sleepy. i'm inclined to ascribe it to the crazy week that I just finished in Calcutta. Wedding shopping is hectic, and I'm not sure I enjoy it all so much. Sometimes, I almost wish it was all happening to someone else. Don't feel old enough to get married!

We're staying in the Yishun Ring Road, I understand. Flat's nice. Only wish they had ceiling fans, but i'm comforttable oherwise. This keboard's crazy, so please gloss over all typos, especially the absence of Ts and Ys. Funny to hear ppl speaking Chinese all around me. The other funny thing is having so many things attached/stamped all over my passport. First trip abroad (Nepal does NOT count) so I suppose I'm being pretty naive. Bu it's cool how you fly for a few hours and land up in a different country altogether.

Srinivas likes it so far, although I'm not sure how to take him around with us, since I didn't think to get a backpack his size. (For the uninitiated, I'm talking about my teddy.)

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