Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Singapore, Day 9

August 30, 2005
A most adventurous day. I discovered last night, while reading some of those tourism pamphlets, that a Chinese festival (forget which one) begins on Sept. 1, so the Chinatown walk was postponed once more. Instead, we went to Toah Payoh (I think that's how it is spelled) which has some fun shops. Didn't buy much though, given that money and luggage allowance are uppermost on my mind these days! Particularly the latter... I can always pay by card if something really appeals to me.

Afterwards Ma and I sneaked off to Changi airport, to change our return tickets. There is no other word for describing our journey, I'm afraid. We were scared of Bharathi-akka finding out beforehand and somehow stopping us from bringing our return forward. Anyway, so we took the MRT aaaalll the way to Changi, and that's a long way off into the suburbs. We had to change twice, too. We made it without any mishaps though. It was inside Changi that things got confusing. All I will admit to is that now I should be able to draw a pretty decent map of Changi, including the various offices hidden in its inner recesses! Actually, while thinking it over later I realised why it was that the JetStar Asia office is so difficult to find. They don't want to be found for the simple reason that anybody who needs them knows where to find them already while all others (like us) are handled downstairs, in the departure lounge... We were helped in our search by a funny-looking young man who, despite being undeniably Chinese, reminded me strongly of Vicky Sharma. Ma was as strongly reminded of Vicky Niyogy, and I don't appreciate the comparison because while this guy was quite helpful, if he had been Vicky he would have known where the office was and not had to go in search of it; he would also have known that we were searching for the wrong place altogether!

Oh well, now foreign travel doesn't hold many terrors for me, I find. If anything, I'm raring to go further. Actually, I would love to travel across Europe someday. Hint for anybody feeling generous enough...

The day finishes with the discovery of a nice bakery (scrumptious doughnuts) near where we live.

With a coffee-mouthed grin from Singapore,

Went to a shop on Arab Street that day which sells everything a belly-dancer can require, including recorded lessons. I was tempted by a really hot pair of harem pants but realised that I have no place to wear them to. Plus, I never did learn to belly-dance after all...

Saw the trailer of a Chinese movie in the Toah Payoh mall called "April Snow", whose lead actor looked startlingly like John Lennon. It was quite a shock. It wasn't even as if the guy was wearing granny glasses either, but he could have been a double. Almost. There was only ever one John.

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