Monday, August 29, 2005

Singapore, Day 8

August 29, 2005
Just noticed, I'd forgotten to change the subject for the last couple of bulletins. Sorry, I'm sure!

Stuff I forgot to add yesterday: those rows of houses joined together are called 'shophouses', I've found. And after we walked around Arab Street, we walked into the park of a hotel (called Parkview I think). The reason I mention that is, that is it a nice place with statues and fountains and generally looks posh enough, so it's a mystery to me how they allow the general public to walk in and picnic there like we did. There were other people too, and nobody asked us to leave. I thought it was very kind and public-spirited of the hotel-folk. Took lots of pictures of everybody with Baba's digicam, which he has lent me for the trip.

Today Ma and I went out with Bharathi-akka, but she went home after lunch because Siri (her daughter) was expected home from school. Ma and I carried on. We went to Northpoint, the second mall I went to in Singapore (day 2). It's teeny-bopper haven, more than most malls... School had just given out somewhere and the floors were crowded with schoolkids. We went to Daiso afterwards, that "Everything Priced at S$2" place, where I felt sorry for myself because I couldn't buy even more dolls' furniture. Bought Vicky purple socks to match mine and then felt a little bit better. It's always nice to buy things for other people because one can always justify such shopping completely.

While Ma and I were waiting for the free shuttle from the IMM mall (which houses Daiso) I realised that I had left my handbag behind. Luckily it was in the place where I had left it. Srinivas was most annoyed about it though, because he hadn't expected to have to wait for a full half hour before I'd realise that I had left him in the trial room! That teddy is getting grumpy with old age.

Was fun jauntering around with Ma. We didn't get lost and enjoyed ourselves. Didn't mean to reach home so late though -- it was past nine when we came in!

Th-th-that's all, folks, for tonight. Hope your day was as fun as mine! In fact, it'd be nice to hear about yours too, sometimes.

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