Sunday, August 28, 2005

Singapore, Day 7

August 28, 2005
Sentosa yesterday was fun but exhausting. Went with Kishore (our host) and his seven year-old daughter. An excellent lesson in family planning, taking a kid that young to an amusement park. We went for the dolphin show, where three pink dolphins completely wowed the crowd. That was followed by the trip in the acrylic tunnel under the sea. Our timing was lucky, so we got to see the sea-cow (dugong) and several sharks being fed. The plastic makes things look smaller I found, because the frogmen feeding the fish certainly looked smaller than life.

Visited the Merlion and paddled in the long fountain behind it. Had a lovely double cheese lamb hamburger at Burger King. I don't understand why they keep giving me these huge servings of cola with everything. I've gulped more cola this last one week than I had in several months back home, I'm sure. The sonne et lumiere show in the evening at the Musical Fountain was everything I'd every been told it would be. Most impressive. It was preceded by a school orchestra which was also impressive. None of the kids could have been much above twelve but they played rather well.


Sunday comes to an end here, wrapping up our first week in Singapore. Spent another day shopping, but today's was at a really interesting area. I recommend the Bugis area to all visitors to Sinpore who are interested in weird shopping. There's everything, from the upmarket, swanky 'booteeks' where the service comes with a smirk, to the streetside trolley-shops where they serve you with a grin. Between them all, they manage to stock enough variety to satisfy just about anybody, I think! You name it, they got it, from socks which are actually slippers to little jade tea-sets.

We went further, to the Arab area, which was mostly closed for the Sunday but the houses were cute along Arab Street, so I took some pictures. They seemed to be a long line of joined buildings, something like the houses Polly and Diggory lived in, in The Magician's Nephew, but they are divided every so many yards, and each owner has painted his portion a pretty candy colour. Speaking of which, the Singporeans seem rather addicted to Candy colours. It's cute, but in small doses, I think.

Off for dinner now. Evenin', all.

Priyanka, I bought the Beatles' autobiography and their Illustrated Lyrics. Both I've wanted for years. I didn't exactly buy them cheap, just cheaper than normal.

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