Friday, August 26, 2005

Singapore, Day 5

August 26, 2005
Fifth day here at Singapore and I'm mailing earlier than expected... that's because I actually woke up early this morning. Unbelievable but entirely true.

So what have I been doing the last two days? Let me see now... I met Ravi on day 3 (Wednesday). Spent the morning at Suntec City/City Hall area, window-shopping, buying souvenirs, turning blue with the cold (Suntec special), looking sadly at impossibly priced painted denim wallets, that sort of thing. Oh and my mother and I fought all day. Nothing new in that. As I was explaining to Ravi, Singapore is marked (for me at least) by the places Ma and I have fought at. Somethings don't seem to change much!

Ravi took me to dinner at Marche, a delightful place for dinner. It's built to look like a French market -- that's what the name means btw -- and it has stalls all over the place serving different kinds of food. One goes around and picks up whatever one wishes to eat, in whichever combination, and pays when leaving. The food's pretty good too. We had pasta with ham, a crepe stuffed with chicken with black pepper and some grilled chicken. I also got to try out the Singapore Sling. Nothing sensational. Pleasant drink, that's all. Entirely safe for children, if you ask me :-)

Ravi hasn't changed much. Nor have I, says he. Which is funny, because I thought I had some, but evidently I haven't after all. Reassuring to know. He walked me around Clarke Quay area, and I had my photo taken in front of the Parliament building like any good little tourist. Afterwards he took me to a brilliant bookshop called Borders which was vast enough to make me feel rigth at home. Sorta Landmarks-like. Oh and I bought 2 long-coveted books on sale at HMV. I used my debit card for the first time! Maybe I should have mentioned that I only got it 2 days before I left India...

Yesterday Ma and I paid our respects to Muhammad Mustapha, like any self-respecting Indian. We spent the whole day in 2 of the 3 stores and spent over S$500, I believe. (I spent the evening in deep dejection wondering how to carry the extra baggage which overshoots our meagre airline allowance, but that's another story). There was so much to carry back home (and also because I was dog-tired) that I decided to return home with Ma and Kishore, instead of going for that Chinatown walk. Maybe I won't get to do ti after all... We returned to Yishun by taxi for a change (usually we travel by the MRT and shuttle buses) and got to see Singapore from the roads. Nice.

We're off to Sentosa in an hour or so now, so au revoir. More later. Oh and final answers before I end:
Beq, Vamsi's an old schoolmate of mine.
Guddi, Ma's enjoying her trip very much although she's tiring quickly. She's skipping the trip today because of that. And no, I am not planning my honeymoon here. As to the shopping, I've bought seven bags... my idea of heaven! Also bought some tops. Some footwear. Bought too much, I think :-( Won't be allowed to carry so much on the plane.
Priyanka, if the shop-talk (what a lovely pun) bothers you, skip those bits. Want me to focus on what I'm eating instead?

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