Saturday, March 19, 2005

I return after almost two months. So much has happened and I’ve been so busy, it’s funny how time passed. The most recent development has been our parents fixing the date of the marriage. In less than a year of Vicky and me getting together we already know when we’ll be getting hitched for good… on 22nd January 2005. The resultant strain shows on us. He is less patient with me and so I am with him.
Call Cutta is under way. We’ve done three weeks of walks so far, for the Kolkata chapter. It’s interesting, how much people reveal of themselves when they talk for an hour on the phone…
We’ve just begun rehearsals for the Berlin part, so currently we’re working up to 10-hour days. It’s getting to me. But the walks in themselves are fun. They require a certain degree of discipline and it’s quite challenging, fitting the script to each individual walker. So far Dana, Sumit (her father), Vicky and his cousin Tunia have come for the show.
That apart I’m freelancing in earnest, doing a script for Avant Garde Omnimedia. Since I’ve never done anything of the kind it’s quite a novelty too. It’s also hard work so I guess I’m really earning the good money I’m getting.
Somehow, these days, money has become a big deal (and not its lack, like has been all my college yrs!)… how to make enough to live off for the six months between college and getting married. Particularly if I want to travel to Bombay, Bikaner (to see Nunu’s new home) and Hyderabad (to stay with Esha), I will need much more than I have at the moment. But the way things are going, I should have enough. I really don’t want to ask Baba for any more.
Ma was down for a few days last week, for Mejdadu’s batshorik, and also to book a biyebari. It was such a comfort having someone getting me breakfast and making me tea in the mornings, I didn’t have the heart to fight with her even once all the while she was here. But don’t worry, I haven’t become a completely reformed character yet. Am sure I’ll find reasons to fight when she returns in April for the grand ‘meet the families’ that’s been planned.
Sonali’s wedding pics are being passed around, and though Ghocha looks as cute as ever, his indefinable charm is missing in the pics themselves… He’s coming to Cal in April btw… :-)