Saturday, November 13, 2004

I’m back in town and sticking around. Trip to both Delhi and Chennai over. In one I suffered, relatively speaking (if I’ll be allowed the pun) and in the other I just suffered. Picked up a respiratory infection, V and me both, and that kept us at home the entire week we were down south. I lost my voice too, which is always a downer.
We did make a couple of quick sorties to neighbourhood cafés. And on Sunday we went for a drive on ECR. Got stuck in the beach and finally had the car lifted out by these strong Tamil men. And I mean strong. That was followed by an indifferent lunch at some Oasis Dhaba – whose misleading sign had sent us to the beach to start with. From there we went to Spencers where my companions indulged in mindless consumerism. The joys of malls :-)
Now that I think of it, we also made a trip to Lifestyle one evening, where the parents landed up with the largest shopping bag I’ve seen Lifestyle ever give out. Vicky bought himself a white jeep. I tried on shoes and drooled over the hopelessly expensive socks. I did not drool over the wow of a cream leather sofa set but that might have been because I was lying in it. Dinner that night was at the club, a very nice beef roast if my ageing memory does not fail me.

And so my happy-go-lucky days wear on. Poor little girl, got everything I could want and nothing that I need. Only us rich girls get to say that, though.


Beq said...

I didn't even get a mention! I'm Mr. Chennai as far as I'm concerned!

Ayesha said...

You're right at that. I did mention you though, and truncated the article. Will put up the original sometime. Sorry. Mr. Chennai you are not :-P