Friday, November 26, 2004

’Allo! I am back, if I ever really went away… been a beastly couple of weeks. Have no proof they have ended, to be sure, but at least tonight I feel reasonably perky.
Went to Dana’s birthday party tonight, where we all cooked ourselves Chinese hotpot soup. Yummy. And doing the egg-drop thing through cute little sieves was fun too. Not mention watching your own portions of fish and chicken and veggies cook in their little sieves. I was so excited that I had two bowls of soup and had to have only a reasonable dinner. That was good too, btw. Afterwards we danced. They danced before I arrived (cos I was late, but things were slowing down till the soup began). Tanaji and I improvised a dogems waltz wherein we bulldozed everybody else off the floor. Before anybody frowns, let me add that we deliberately did so in retaliation, against this particularly inconsiderate couple who were bumping into all the others. I will of course mention no names.
Told everybody about my plans for a day-long party around Christmas… invited everybody present. I considered it and then decided I would call everybody I cared to know. Vicky can do the same. They can drop in as and when it suits them and bring mutual friends I suppose. That should keep it going. Movies all day, popcorn and chips along with the booze. Lunch and high tea I guess I can serve. Former can be pasta based and latter cold cuts. All the meat should keep us happy.
Oh cool, I haven’t planned a party in too long.
Gadawful telephone bill reached me last night. I rather think I’ll have to pay this one. But I’m convinced there’s some jiggerey-pokery afoot. Could I really have spent all that time on the phone?
My life has been so quiet of late, thanks to my ill health and fits of depression and consequent lethargy. I really should do things. Might cheer me more that somewhat.
Like, last Sunday I taught Dhrubo French. Now that was fun. Maybe because he’s so keen to learn?
Good night world, I will end with how I feel viz, that Vicky is an absolute darling. Not too blessed with the smarts I think(!) but a darling beyond all other possible darlings.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

I’m back in town and sticking around. Trip to both Delhi and Chennai over. In one I suffered, relatively speaking (if I’ll be allowed the pun) and in the other I just suffered. Picked up a respiratory infection, V and me both, and that kept us at home the entire week we were down south. I lost my voice too, which is always a downer.
We did make a couple of quick sorties to neighbourhood caf├ęs. And on Sunday we went for a drive on ECR. Got stuck in the beach and finally had the car lifted out by these strong Tamil men. And I mean strong. That was followed by an indifferent lunch at some Oasis Dhaba – whose misleading sign had sent us to the beach to start with. From there we went to Spencers where my companions indulged in mindless consumerism. The joys of malls :-)
Now that I think of it, we also made a trip to Lifestyle one evening, where the parents landed up with the largest shopping bag I’ve seen Lifestyle ever give out. Vicky bought himself a white jeep. I tried on shoes and drooled over the hopelessly expensive socks. I did not drool over the wow of a cream leather sofa set but that might have been because I was lying in it. Dinner that night was at the club, a very nice beef roast if my ageing memory does not fail me.

And so my happy-go-lucky days wear on. Poor little girl, got everything I could want and nothing that I need. Only us rich girls get to say that, though.