Monday, August 30, 2004

Went to watch ‘ Beyond the Land of Hattamala’ by The Action Players today. Quite enjoyed myself. That was preceded by a display of mindless consumerism by V and me. We bought me some long awaited apparel, a corduroy skirt and him a lovely pair of dark blue cords and a very nice winter jacket. Altogether satisfying. Oh, and I got the baby a pair of socks.
After a few days of uneasy balancing between tears and laughter, have given trying to figure out what gives. If I feel happy I laugh if not I don’t bother trying to hide my intense dissatisfaction with the world around me at that particular moment.
Hopefully, will be going for a cookery lesson with Aunty Hy. tomorrow afternoon. To be followed by a workshop at Tolly Club. Those of you who are wondering what that is, it’s a part of the ongoing British Council-Konkona Sen Sharma affair. Three weeks will culminate in a show on 10th Sept.
Beq, stop cribbing. If I can’t flirt with V I’m sure I don’t know who I can with. I don’t complain about you telling me about your women, do I? Besides, it’s MY blog.
I’m quite sleepy tonight, so my much-awaited return to bloggin will remain thus short and pungent, ending with Sonali’s hymeneal ode, commemorating her wedding next Jan.

(Written while teasing Sonali about her biyer menu this morning in Sobha’s class on Modernism.)

The Bride Ate Capsicum

We find this girl tænsh
Not to mention quite rash
To privilege the cuisine Lebanese
In an attempt to please
Like-minded guests and cut a dash.

But Bengalis we
Prefer at weddings paturi
Over such exotic fare
Only Sonali’d dare
To fob us off thus at a wedding bash!

Sunayana Roy
20th August 2004

I hope everybody worked out the “tænsh”. It’s the Bangla word, of course.

There’s no getting away from it. Bono has the sexiest voice in the history of voices and that no body can deny.

Wednesday, 25th August 2004
Am currently down with a bit of a cold but apart from going around with a richly pink nose and occasionally giving vent to embarrassingly loud sneezes I’m none the worse for wear, you’ll be happy to know.
Am doing a series of workshops (with an eventual show in Sept. in mind) with a British Council group involving Konkona Sen Sharma. Those who can’t remember who she might be, I’m talking of Mrs. Iyer. That’s a lot of fun.
Am also trying to do all my classes. Thankfully, I cannot seem to manage a cent percent attendance. I say thankfully because if I did pull such a thing off THAT would be a surefire indicator of something drastically wrong with me.
Have found myself out of the play-reading but it’s ok cos I’m kinda busy with the British Council workshops. The team includes Konkona [Sen Sharma], and Royona, who I last worked with for ‘The Way of The World’. All in all, it’s proving to be a lot of fun. Actually, it’s so much fun to be doing workshops at long last with a view to actually performing. Haven’t acted in so long.

Sunday, 22nd August 2004
Life goes on. On a (relatively) more academic tone, for a change. I have been doing all my classes and except for the SMC ones, enjoying the lot too.
Went this morning for a play-reading audition. The Red Curtain’s monthly playwright presentation at Oxford Bookstore (that’s a mouthful) features Vijay Tendulkar and we’re doing excerpts from ‘Mitra Goshti’, ‘Kamala’ and ‘Silence! The Court Is in Session’. I’ve to read up the part of Sumitra in ‘Mitra Goshti’ by tomorrow. And I’ve to read up Shoenbaum on the life of Shakespeare by Tuesday. And I still haven’t written reviews due a month ago. But I did watch ‘Shrek 2’ yesterday, followed by ‘Spiderman 2’ (for the second time) in the evening. And Vicky’s coming over with ‘Kill Bill 2’ in a bit. Lots of sequels.
Beq’s finally got some and even that came with a sequel. And Esha called from Hyd, sounding extremely chirpy and high on life. Was fun to talk to her. Last time we didn’t have much of a talk. The woman is an incorrigible flirt, I have to say. Actually, I almost feel a shade wistful. Wouldn’t entirely mind being in such a position myself. Not that my life isn’t fun the way it is!
All in all, everybody’s having fun so that’s all good news. The Siblings (pater and co.) have fought themselves to a standstill and are right now in the process of a tenuous peace. The king is dead, long live the king, say I.

Nothing beats martial arts flicks. Nothing. Maybe Edward Norton in ‘Fight Club’ but that’s a close finish.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Have been unable to update blog all summer, don't know why. Am getting bored of trying. As of now, don't even have internet at home, cos landline's dead. So those of you who're looking to be amused, sorry pals. Will inform you when I get this thing on its feet again, always assuming I ever do so!