Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The middle of the night is never a good time to feel lost in. Of late I’ve been craving the missing ingredient in my life. No sooner did I start to feel like I was in the process of putting a root down than I have the craving to move on and move NOW.

Frankness is all very well in its way but I do think I’ve been painfully frank of late and wasn’t that avoidable?

Mid-sem on the Romantics tomorrow. Well, today, if you want to quibble. Must start studying bright and early.

I like making people happy. Themses around me should mind that, they should, because if they seek the key to me that is the only door any key will open.

Why am I so angry? It’s strange, there’s this helplessness forcing me to the ground and somewhere inside me I know it comes from an anger, not the other way around. Why? Aren’t I supposed to be all peaceful and sweetly happy now that all the ends are neatly braided together in my life?

I’ve been canceling hurtful sentence after hurtful sentence because I know other people read what I write. Now if only I could do that when I speak, huh?
Oh and before I end for the day (Oh all right, night. Whatever.), must mention that says my zodiac match is a Gemini. Tua, you listening?

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