Monday, June 21, 2004

Been at Vizag five days now. Reached Wed. afternoon, tailed by parents at night; Didima and Chhotomama (a.k.a Funnyface) followed on the next afternoon. Sushmita Khurima, Tapashkaku (minus the daughter of the house) arrived on Friday which also saw the kidnapping of Beq on his way home from ACJ interview in Chennai. Baba and I persuaded him (enticed with chocolate boat pastry would be closer to the mark, one suspects) to break his journey by a couple of days.
Jamai-aspirant (cough cough) reached on Saturday afternoon, coming in only for the remains of the Grihapravesh – the reason we’d all congregated – and after most of the people had left. Was a trifle annoyed but have now concluded that it was all for the best. Don’t want too much curiosity, do we?
Poor baby, both he and Beq wanted to stay over for a little while more, but Vicky has office tomorrow while B has exams, family and girlfriend anxiously awaiting his return. Squabbled with him all the two days he was here, incidentally. V has stopped trying to make us act our age. E settled for looking bewildered at our on-again, off-again animosity.
It was awfully nice, having the two boys here. Wish Vicky could have stayed for longer, but as I have mentioned before, things do tend to happen for the best. As things go, parents checked him out and are tending towards approval. Dada likes him, but I do think he’d have done so anyway. Funnily enough, B bonded big-time with the family. Did a lot of the pre-puja running around and since Dada was his escort, that took care of a lot of incipient trouble, I figure.
Knees giving me trouble on and off but a lot of the restlessness and pain has been due to lack of sleep. That can be and was remedied accordingly.
Have been staying at Esha’s all this time, but last night was spent at the new flat. It was quite a little party, with B, V, E, Dada and me. We had chicken lasagna (Pastry, Coffee and Conversation) for dinner. The choc boats and Beq’s Irish cheese cake served as a post-dawn appetizer. B and E bonded all night while V and I slept in fits and bursts. Dada didn’t sleep any, from the look of things. We all found ourselves awake around four, so we woke Sleeping Beauty (familiar to her fans as the Lady Esha) an hour later and walked down to catch the sunrise on the beach. Since we were in the neighbourhood, we picked up Hemant (after startling his mother by ringing their bell at six in the morning) and had bad coffee and shared worse jokes. All the bongness is probably getting to them, cos now E has started peppering her words with stuff like ‘tokhon’ etc. which she doesn’t even understand!
Got a lot of gifts for the new flat… too bad we’re not moving in! :-) Keywords to remember so far are: Idaho, Beq’s a “mei” (girl i.e.), “I didn’t do it!”, Agarwal experiences for all three, midnight clumsiness, darling kids, docks, Teneti Park, CMR, midnight plumbing, “stupid little pinky little no-nosed kid” (who’s on my lap as I type), first prizes, Little Misses, alu parathas and avvakkai at Jaipur Restaurant.
Lots of things to do tomorrow. Maybe I’ll get some ironing done tonight? Nah, I didn’t think so either.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The middle of the night is never a good time to feel lost in. Of late I’ve been craving the missing ingredient in my life. No sooner did I start to feel like I was in the process of putting a root down than I have the craving to move on and move NOW.

Frankness is all very well in its way but I do think I’ve been painfully frank of late and wasn’t that avoidable?

Mid-sem on the Romantics tomorrow. Well, today, if you want to quibble. Must start studying bright and early.

I like making people happy. Themses around me should mind that, they should, because if they seek the key to me that is the only door any key will open.

Why am I so angry? It’s strange, there’s this helplessness forcing me to the ground and somewhere inside me I know it comes from an anger, not the other way around. Why? Aren’t I supposed to be all peaceful and sweetly happy now that all the ends are neatly braided together in my life?

I’ve been canceling hurtful sentence after hurtful sentence because I know other people read what I write. Now if only I could do that when I speak, huh?
Oh and before I end for the day (Oh all right, night. Whatever.), must mention that says my zodiac match is a Gemini. Tua, you listening?