Monday, April 05, 2004

Syllogism 1: I’m tipsy.
Syllogism 2: I’m a whole lotta fun right now.
Conclusion: I’m a whole lotta fun when I’m tipsy.
Hey that wasn’t too hard.

Man I miss Hemant tonight. Dunno why. Maybe just because he’s so much fun to be drunk with… nah, all I really wanna do is go dancing, drunk, and he’s a whole lotta fun for that.

Like I told Shuktara, I’m pretty proud of myself for having stayed single so long. Little Miss Independent. Does without a man’s shoulder to cling on to when the nasty world turns on her. No comforting chest to hide her face in when the view outside isn’t the way she likes it. And without a quiet voice telling her she’s perfect the way she is.

Little? At my height that’s perhaps too much of an exaggeration.

Who am I kidding? On the other hand, if I want male company, what keeps me from going out and getting me some? It’s pretty silly depending on two men just cos they’re so safe. The truth is, I like to play dangerously. From time to time. It stands to reason. If I didn’t, no way would I have fallen for the men I do fall for.

Hmmm… that’s an interesting line of thought.

Another is: do I never write of anything apart from men and food? Ok, make that nourishment. But seriously, do these aspects sum up all there is to me?
“I dunno man…” Ideally said with a slow drawl and a bemused expression, this is a highly effective line from the Mouse.

On the other hand, what else would I write about? Rehearsals and the wart on my hand? They ain’t half as exciting.


v said...

oh, but you are perfect the way you are!

Ayesha said...

thanks darlin'

v said...

and that's one more due. Funny... never thought i'll be grateful to the mouse for anything!! :-)