Saturday, April 03, 2004

Mick’s back in town. Looking a little thinner and much weaker but it’s good to see him around. Beq is trying to cut him some slack. Not trying very hard but I guess the mere thought counts.
Vicky’s sitting around in Sriganganagar (my god what a mouthful!) getting all morose and lovesick. That boy needs some fresh air and exercise.
And Esha’s been buying “funky panties” for ten bucks in Tiruppur. I want some!
Work goes on as usual on ‘Rhinoceros’. Shuktara’s a director who frequently forgets to be on her dignity and rehearsals have a distinct tendency towards anarchy. But work gets done and that’s the idea innit? I feel like an outsider (so what else is new) and do my duty as when I feel like it. Oh, and Dana’s officially on leave for her exams. So I’m stage managing in the interim. I rather think I’m in charge of costume as well. Or so I’ve been told.
Beq’s the latest addition to the cast.

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v said...

i'm NOT morose! Fresh air and exercise, indeed!