Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Elvis has left the building. And I'm so scared. There should be a special place where people this scared can hibernate till the world gets better.

Hey Beq, I forgot to say, welcome back.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Ok… where do I begin? (The next line of the song could very well follow, now that I think of it.)
Having kept Vicky at bay for all this time I finally caved in on Tuesday – New Year’s eve for us Bongs. No doubt a certain CA I know would approve, even though the timing was entirely unplanned.
Blurted it out to Aniruddha. By now rumour has probably decided the sex of the kid that must be on the way. If it hasn’t got so far yet it soon will. Katy asked me to work out marital finances yesterday morning. Shuktara begged me to consider the effects of an ‘early’ marriage (at 23???) on my fledgling career.
Apart from that it’s been a good week. Lots of Vicky, lotsa fun. ;-) [Yup, that’s what I meant. :-) ]
Best of all, I’ve been forcing myself not to keep mum around him. It’s tough since I’d got into the habit. But talking to him is getting easier all the time. Besides, there is much that he understands without needing explaining, so that helps.
Taught Speech and Drama at the Future Foundation School at Arabinda Ashram yesterday. Class 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8. It was tiring but I must say I had fun. Was filling in for Dana, who has exams at the mo. And funnily enough, I bumped into two of my one-day students this evening at Oxford and Crossword. Oh oh oh and that’s something else… Crossword has finally opened at Cal! Four years after I’d asked them at Pune.
Dana and I are thinking of doing the rounds of BCL and the assorted bookshops to see if they want children’s events hosted. I could do that. I rather enjoyed filling in for her at the Oxford Kids’ Hour this evening. I could do with the money and if this works out, it will be a pleasant way to earn it.
Dadubhai passed away yesterday afternoon so I’m off to Pune next weekend. Now I know why they give that ten-day gap. The relatives need time to gather for the funeral! Tickets are at a premium, thanks to the competitive exams, so it looks like an extremely uncomfortable journey.
I wonder if working with kids is my forte. Probably not. But it has its attractions. Vicky came in while I was reading out “Fee fi fo fum” and distracted me by whooping with laughter at the next table. But I completely forgive the dear man because afterwards he bought me coffee (with fresh whipped cream… mmm…) and buttered croissants at Flury’s. Then we popped over to Crossword and checked out their model car collection and the obscenely funny Wordsworth anthology of limericks.
Talking of obscene, I caught a pseudo-arty Bong porn serial on some vague channel half an hour ago. Two overweight women pawed each others’ breasts and kissed. Black bra straps showed. Later the married one pulled out her collection of naked women pics from the back of a drawer and compared them to memories of her lusty lesbian awakening. And after all that, the one who initiated the married woman into it all wound up matters by launching in a diabetre against heterosexual sex and called her lover “Boudi” into the bargain!

Monday, April 05, 2004

Syllogism 1: I’m tipsy.
Syllogism 2: I’m a whole lotta fun right now.
Conclusion: I’m a whole lotta fun when I’m tipsy.
Hey that wasn’t too hard.

Man I miss Hemant tonight. Dunno why. Maybe just because he’s so much fun to be drunk with… nah, all I really wanna do is go dancing, drunk, and he’s a whole lotta fun for that.

Like I told Shuktara, I’m pretty proud of myself for having stayed single so long. Little Miss Independent. Does without a man’s shoulder to cling on to when the nasty world turns on her. No comforting chest to hide her face in when the view outside isn’t the way she likes it. And without a quiet voice telling her she’s perfect the way she is.

Little? At my height that’s perhaps too much of an exaggeration.

Who am I kidding? On the other hand, if I want male company, what keeps me from going out and getting me some? It’s pretty silly depending on two men just cos they’re so safe. The truth is, I like to play dangerously. From time to time. It stands to reason. If I didn’t, no way would I have fallen for the men I do fall for.

Hmmm… that’s an interesting line of thought.

Another is: do I never write of anything apart from men and food? Ok, make that nourishment. But seriously, do these aspects sum up all there is to me?
“I dunno man…” Ideally said with a slow drawl and a bemused expression, this is a highly effective line from the Mouse.

On the other hand, what else would I write about? Rehearsals and the wart on my hand? They ain’t half as exciting.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Mick’s back in town. Looking a little thinner and much weaker but it’s good to see him around. Beq is trying to cut him some slack. Not trying very hard but I guess the mere thought counts.
Vicky’s sitting around in Sriganganagar (my god what a mouthful!) getting all morose and lovesick. That boy needs some fresh air and exercise.
And Esha’s been buying “funky panties” for ten bucks in Tiruppur. I want some!
Work goes on as usual on ‘Rhinoceros’. Shuktara’s a director who frequently forgets to be on her dignity and rehearsals have a distinct tendency towards anarchy. But work gets done and that’s the idea innit? I feel like an outsider (so what else is new) and do my duty as when I feel like it. Oh, and Dana’s officially on leave for her exams. So I’m stage managing in the interim. I rather think I’m in charge of costume as well. Or so I’ve been told.
Beq’s the latest addition to the cast.