Saturday, January 24, 2004

Seems like a crazy two days. Yesterday I spent more or less entirely at the IIT, as far as I can remember. There seems to have been a lot of substance abuse too, going by the general haziness of the picture. Oh wait, now I remember. Met up with Hemant and Esha to go for a movie, but H and I ended up taking Esha, Hema and the kids out to lunch. Afterwards, H and I went to his room and that’s when things got hazy.
We did go for a movie in the evening, ‘The Last Samurai’. Esha skipped cos she had to run to Central with stuff forgotten by Hema and family (who were on their way to Vizag) so I ended up going with H, Ravi, Curly, Arjun and Raghu. Raghu must not to be called by his nicker in public, so I have to constantly remind myself. I think I might just get more embarrassed than he will.
The movie ended around ten and then we went to some bar called Bikes and Barrels. Hemant went to pick Esha up on Arjun’s bike. The joint was weird. For the first time ever I was herded into the stags’ section of a bar, because they said there were too many stags in our party for us to go the mixed section… whatever. Didn’t like it much, and went to some other place nearby which was much more to my taste.
H and E joined us. Was a fun evening. Was drinking (beer) on an empty stomach so I went easy but the rest of the guys didn’t quite hold themselves back. Later it struck me they were on empty tums too. E did not like the shandy I made her. Finally packed up around midnight and packed ourselves off to the IIT. Spent a peaceful half hour wandering into the OAT and helping a couple of joints fulfill their karmic destiny. Guards shooed us off so H and Arjun dropped us girls back at Hema’s flat.
Had a long overdue chat with E before falling dead asleep.
This morning saw me back at the IIT (after quick stopover at home to eat and bathe). Ravi, H and I tried out for the entertainment quiz, as did Brandy, Curly and Arjun. Got a Le Carre ans right, so felt like my MA was finally proving to be of some use. Finally returned home in the afternoon and slept like the dead. Was supposed to meet Soumya at Central (between her trains from Vellore and to Vizag) but woke up grumpy and fought with E over the phone instead. Pity. Hadn’t fought with her since the basketball tournament in ‘99. Made up since, of course.
Spent the evening helping Ma make pati shapta. Dinner was roast chicken. Lovely cinnamon and butter tea cake when Baba returned from B’lore at 1 a.m. And now I suppose I should be going to sleep. Been quite an eventful two days.

Nancy is quite cute.

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Skunk said...

still can't figure out what that line about not smoking meant...