Thursday, October 09, 2003

TV and Travel: I’m missing tv here a bit. Pay channels have been blanked out for as long as the ppl of Chennai obstinately refuse to buy STBs, and they really appear to have dug their heels in on this one issue. My parents have said they will buy only after all their neighbours have, and none of our neighbours have yet. Oh well, at least I’m watchin a lot of ‘interesting’ stuff I wouldn’t deign to otherwise. Like weird Southie movies and MTV. It’s startling how far “out of the loop” you can get being too busy to watch tv for just one month.
Slept all day – that’s my usual POA at home – and in the evening, felt too lazy to catch a movie. Tomorrow though Hemant and me are going to Vellore to meet Soumya (another schoolfriend of ours) and that will keep me out all day. It was fun, a little while ago I was going through rail timetables trying to find us a train and we’ve both acknowledged neither of us has a clue how to get ourselves there and back.
Like, in summer I went to Pondicherry with another two friends of mine (from school) and we took the worst bus possible, stopping at all kinds of two-hovel ‘villages’. The bus of course was rickety and uncomfortable and the road dusty and bumpy. The actual route is a lovely drive along the East Coast.
Did I happen to mention I’m enjoying my little vacation?

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