Wednesday, October 01, 2003

‘Ros ‘n’ Guil are Dead’ is having a bad effect on my morals. Not just mine, but Shuktara’s as well. We have taken to making obscene gestures and comments as matter of factly as we do, well, non-obscene ones. They don’t even quite strike us as not quite de riguer any more, I think.
Come to think of it, what is it with me and the Cal stage? At school I invariably ended up as first the goody two shoes of whichever play I was doing, and then the middle-aged, central mother protagonist. At college I have played a cabaret singer, a fairground dancer and now I’m playing a slutty fisherwoman and a mother figure of a “rabble of prostitutes”. How come directors look at me and apparently thinks clothes and conventionality can be dispensed with? I’m not sure I approve of the attitude. I did manage to get out of doing the cabaret turn in ‘Shakuntala’ (which is the department production this winter).
Puja’s starting tomorrow in all earnestness. It’s all so exciting. New clothes and pretty lights and all that jazz.
I’m glad I’ve decided to stay back this year. Was feeling a little lonely but that’s passed. It’ll be good to go home next week though.

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