Friday, October 10, 2003

I had the most fabulous dinner ever at this French restaurant tonight, an entire ‘grand menu’ with the most amazing choc mousse to end… sigh… did I happen to mention the authentic French chef there who was every bit as delectable as the dessert? He was an extremely cute Frenchman with a Very Charming Smile.
But I’m sorry to say I’ve lost The Touch. All this going steady has done nothing for my flirting skills. I blushed and looked at the ground all the while he was at our table. Of course the situation was not helped by me being in a sari and my parents seated across and beside me. Felt like this lokkhi (‘good’, Bharani) grown up daughter out with her loving parents – and such girls don’t flirt with the chef, sadly. So I sadly watched him sit down with two women at another table and spend half an hour flirting with them.
I need to meet more men more often! And I need them to not get sidetracked by other women. I guess what I’m trying to get at is that I need intensive rehab before I get back into the circuit!
Realised today that I’ve spent the best part of the last five years being a girlfriend. Now I want to meet men as Me and not as somebody’s damn girl. I think my problem is, in the circles in which I don’t socialize as Beq’s girl, people don’t see me as just a girl either. They make a beeline for other women or they turn out to be gay. I’m getting a complex here, men!
Oh well, I’ve concluded I’ll probably end up this wild party animal of a spinster aunt, to the envy of my friends and despair of my relatives. It doesn’t sound too bad, if a little lonely.
I recommend the restaurant, people, La Madeleine, just around the corner from Hema Malini’s house. Nice directions, wotcher say?

I’m at Chennai now, for those who don’t know, and I will be here till Monday, after which I return to Cal.


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