Friday, October 10, 2003

I had the most fabulous dinner ever at this French restaurant tonight, an entire ‘grand menu’ with the most amazing choc mousse to end… sigh… did I happen to mention the authentic French chef there who was every bit as delectable as the dessert? He was an extremely cute Frenchman with a Very Charming Smile.
But I’m sorry to say I’ve lost The Touch. All this going steady has done nothing for my flirting skills. I blushed and looked at the ground all the while he was at our table. Of course the situation was not helped by me being in a sari and my parents seated across and beside me. Felt like this lokkhi (‘good’, Bharani) grown up daughter out with her loving parents – and such girls don’t flirt with the chef, sadly. So I sadly watched him sit down with two women at another table and spend half an hour flirting with them.
I need to meet more men more often! And I need them to not get sidetracked by other women. I guess what I’m trying to get at is that I need intensive rehab before I get back into the circuit!
Realised today that I’ve spent the best part of the last five years being a girlfriend. Now I want to meet men as Me and not as somebody’s damn girl. I think my problem is, in the circles in which I don’t socialize as Beq’s girl, people don’t see me as just a girl either. They make a beeline for other women or they turn out to be gay. I’m getting a complex here, men!
Oh well, I’ve concluded I’ll probably end up this wild party animal of a spinster aunt, to the envy of my friends and despair of my relatives. It doesn’t sound too bad, if a little lonely.
I recommend the restaurant, people, La Madeleine, just around the corner from Hema Malini’s house. Nice directions, wotcher say?

I’m at Chennai now, for those who don’t know, and I will be here till Monday, after which I return to Cal.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

TV and Travel: I’m missing tv here a bit. Pay channels have been blanked out for as long as the ppl of Chennai obstinately refuse to buy STBs, and they really appear to have dug their heels in on this one issue. My parents have said they will buy only after all their neighbours have, and none of our neighbours have yet. Oh well, at least I’m watchin a lot of ‘interesting’ stuff I wouldn’t deign to otherwise. Like weird Southie movies and MTV. It’s startling how far “out of the loop” you can get being too busy to watch tv for just one month.
Slept all day – that’s my usual POA at home – and in the evening, felt too lazy to catch a movie. Tomorrow though Hemant and me are going to Vellore to meet Soumya (another schoolfriend of ours) and that will keep me out all day. It was fun, a little while ago I was going through rail timetables trying to find us a train and we’ve both acknowledged neither of us has a clue how to get ourselves there and back.
Like, in summer I went to Pondicherry with another two friends of mine (from school) and we took the worst bus possible, stopping at all kinds of two-hovel ‘villages’. The bus of course was rickety and uncomfortable and the road dusty and bumpy. The actual route is a lovely drive along the East Coast.
Did I happen to mention I’m enjoying my little vacation?

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

‘Ros ‘n’ Guil are Dead’ is having a bad effect on my morals. Not just mine, but Shuktara’s as well. We have taken to making obscene gestures and comments as matter of factly as we do, well, non-obscene ones. They don’t even quite strike us as not quite de riguer any more, I think.
Come to think of it, what is it with me and the Cal stage? At school I invariably ended up as first the goody two shoes of whichever play I was doing, and then the middle-aged, central mother protagonist. At college I have played a cabaret singer, a fairground dancer and now I’m playing a slutty fisherwoman and a mother figure of a “rabble of prostitutes”. How come directors look at me and apparently thinks clothes and conventionality can be dispensed with? I’m not sure I approve of the attitude. I did manage to get out of doing the cabaret turn in ‘Shakuntala’ (which is the department production this winter).
Puja’s starting tomorrow in all earnestness. It’s all so exciting. New clothes and pretty lights and all that jazz.
I’m glad I’ve decided to stay back this year. Was feeling a little lonely but that’s passed. It’ll be good to go home next week though.