Friday, July 11, 2003

The question is this: given the existence of a blog that I infrequently update and which almost nobody knows about because I’m wary of letting people know what I think, what are the chances of my continuing to write? Pretty low one would guess. But what the hell, look at my diary. I’ve written maybe six entries in the last two years but it’s still in being, innit?
I’m back in Calcutta. To my mild astonishment, got culture shock as soon as I entered the city. The old buildings were so dilapidated and the pollution was so high and the vehicles were so many and the buses were so loud and the people were so noisy and well, you get the idea. And I’ve only been away six weeks. But thankfully, water is in plentiful supply. (When the apartment pump is in order of course. Let that go on record too.)
Have got myself formally admitted to JU for the MA course. My instincts say I did the right thing but nobody else agrees.
Turned twenty-one on Tuesday. Had a grand birthday. I’d been complaining of having to return to Cal right on my birthday, and I must really have bored it into a lot of people, because so many of my “friends and relations” were sweet enough to call up – mostly long distance – and others mailed. Basically, they all remembered. Mejopishi and Mejokhurima dished up stunning fare for three meals. All in all it more than made up for having to come away from home and spending the day being at the mercy of petty clerks. What more could a girl ask for?
We’re probably doing ‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead’ later this year. It should be interesting. Must get a copy from somewhere. In addition there is the departmental production, whatever that may be. Plus JU is starting the semester system this MA onwards. Life could be more promising but not much.

Parties tomorrow. We’re going on a binge at Oly and then moving on Someplace (Else, at The Park) hopefully later. Thank god Beq’s exams end tomorrow. Then there is a jaunt with Anish sometime. Not to mention Tapu.

Life is good!!!

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Beq said...

Well, first of all, I would reaally like to apologise to my darling for forgetting all about this thing. Thank God I remembered. Right now I'm listening to She said She said and I KNOW what its like to be sad. Perhaps I even know what it is like to be dead...when I got anasthesised, I kinda like drifted away into darkness. Me throat felt like choking initially but then it was ok. I was running around in the darkness, the kind you see in the cartoons. Ocassionally I could hear some voices. Well, I think I would like to die that way, just kinda drift away...I'm sorry for being so morbid but basically I'm just typing off the top of me head. I just want to tell me darling that I love her very much and that I had a great time with her on Friday. Definitely looking forward to more of the same. Remember: "When your prized possessions start to weigh you down, Look in my direction, I'll be round, i'll be round." au voir...