Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Tests: Have got through TISS, Master in Social Work, specializing in Medical and Psychiatric Social Welfare (I think that’s what it is called.) Won’t be taking it up. No doubt I shall feel very foolish about this at some later date. Interview for ACJ over too. Let’s see what the results say.

Chennai: For the record, let it be known I like this city. It reminds me a lot of Calcutta, and I find both equally fascinating. It’s not just the old buildings and the obsession with the mother tongue and the roads with their colonial names (although there is all that) – it is also something to do with being the kind of place which would have an entrance to the city prison only a (longish) stone’s throw from the railway station. And the fact there is a darling red brick building called Victoria Public Hall next to Central (the railway stn) which cannot be more hidden and therefore more of a find. Best yet, the city has a beach. And it has wonderful shopping and cinemas. I only wish that a municipal water supply actually existed. Oh, and that auto fares were more reasonable.

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