Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Hello world, looks like somebody has been visiting my new 'place'. Thanks, whoever it was, but do leave a name so I know.
Just saw 'Matrix Reloaded', a pirated version recorded in a cinema-hall. It was quite funny to watch the anonymous recorder adjusting the angle from time to time. Lends a new dimension to movie-watching. As for the movie itself, what can I say? It is a sexier, more worked out version. Obviously, the original charm is greatly lessened. It could be that I am no longer a wide-eyed innocent but I never was, in any living memory (was I? Your comments are invited!). The American sentiment ruins the end, but the idea is darn interesting all the same. And the fights are plain sexy. And I don't mean that in the college slang kind of way, because they are actually erotic. You work it out. Actually I'm feeling let down because now I have to wait another 8, 10 months to catch what happens in the 24 hrs to follow. Have never been the type who liked suspense.
I think I will soothe myself by a spot of shopping, nothing like a spending spree to buoy one up.

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