Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Dear Whoever-is-reading-this,
Do I know you? If yes, do drop me a line informing me this thing is functional. It's my second attempt and today has been a pretty non-productive day so far, all things considered.
TISS looks like a washout. Was called for the individual interview, but I think I screwed up therein... came across as sounding so arrogantly self-opinionated, I blush for myself in the seclusion of this room.
Where are all the good looking men??? Here I am in Mumbai of all places -- was told I'd get my money's worth around here -- and all I catch are the pretty dames. Hell if I'd wanted that I'd have gone and looked into a mirror. (Reader, if you know me kindly refrain from that highly rude sniggering. It's my blog and I can type what I want. So there.)
Oh well, at least IIT Powai is a restful place, not to speak of the amazing internet they got on the tap here. So what if all the future brains of the world have gone home for the summer. Nobody ever claimed engineers were good-looking, right?
Arrivederci my friends, I will end as I feel, on a highly despondent note.


s said...

yes, your blog works...and double yes for the fact that there are no good looking guys around. but women! almost makes one want to change preference!!!!

machlee said...


simple girl..... said...

chanced upon your blog today.. loving reading it ..