Thursday, June 19, 2003

Benjarong is a very good Thai restaurant. Prospective visitors to Chennai please take note. The cuisine is interesting (not for the faint at heart) and the ambience just right. Girls, in my experience, cute males abound. The sweetest one I met personally was about 4 weeks old, and had the cutest smile ever.
We’re all going to be up tonight waiting for the water tanks to come, stand and deliver. This is the part of this city that does NOT appeal to me. I accept that buying of water is fast becoming an established urban practice but what kind of a municipality makes its citizens buy not only their drinking water but also the water to bathe, wash clothes and utensils and even water plants? Obviously the poor plants are getting the worst deal. It’s quite an awful situation, not to mention scorching on Baba’s (and by extension mine) pockets. I have a bad feeling it’s also having a deteriorating effect on my standards of personal hygiene… I wash less!
Re men, I have discovered the lookers come to the good restaurants. Now if only I had a gang to go around with maybe I could go get me some. ;-) Must start bathing sometime soon… ;-) ;-)
Must pick up some Tamil, can’t expect to go around speaking Telugu-English-Hindi in Chennai forever.


vicky said...

And you talk of me not bathing!

Sue said...

Vicky -- Hey you. Kaaj nei? Go have a bath!