Thursday, June 19, 2003

Benjarong is a very good Thai restaurant. Prospective visitors to Chennai please take note. The cuisine is interesting (not for the faint at heart) and the ambience just right. Girls, in my experience, cute males abound. The sweetest one I met personally was about 4 weeks old, and had the cutest smile ever.
We’re all going to be up tonight waiting for the water tanks to come, stand and deliver. This is the part of this city that does NOT appeal to me. I accept that buying of water is fast becoming an established urban practice but what kind of a municipality makes its citizens buy not only their drinking water but also the water to bathe, wash clothes and utensils and even water plants? Obviously the poor plants are getting the worst deal. It’s quite an awful situation, not to mention scorching on Baba’s (and by extension mine) pockets. I have a bad feeling it’s also having a deteriorating effect on my standards of personal hygiene… I wash less!
Re men, I have discovered the lookers come to the good restaurants. Now if only I had a gang to go around with maybe I could go get me some. ;-) Must start bathing sometime soon… ;-) ;-)
Must pick up some Tamil, can’t expect to go around speaking Telugu-English-Hindi in Chennai forever.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Tests: Have got through TISS, Master in Social Work, specializing in Medical and Psychiatric Social Welfare (I think that’s what it is called.) Won’t be taking it up. No doubt I shall feel very foolish about this at some later date. Interview for ACJ over too. Let’s see what the results say.

Chennai: For the record, let it be known I like this city. It reminds me a lot of Calcutta, and I find both equally fascinating. It’s not just the old buildings and the obsession with the mother tongue and the roads with their colonial names (although there is all that) – it is also something to do with being the kind of place which would have an entrance to the city prison only a (longish) stone’s throw from the railway station. And the fact there is a darling red brick building called Victoria Public Hall next to Central (the railway stn) which cannot be more hidden and therefore more of a find. Best yet, the city has a beach. And it has wonderful shopping and cinemas. I only wish that a municipal water supply actually existed. Oh, and that auto fares were more reasonable.

Monday, June 09, 2003

Saw my first Tamil movie today, the title translates into sombody or the other's dream, I forget what the name was. It was somewhat better than I expected. (It was called 'Partiban Kanava')
Saw the Chennai Lifestyle. Have fallen in love again, I do love the chain, their consumer traps are so much nicer than all those other big shops. If only it were my birthday already, I could use that kind of money.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Replaced my nicked copy of 'The Invisible Band' last evening. Am still wondering who made off with my cassette.
Picked up audio CDs of 'All The Pain Money Can Buy' and 'The Notorious Byrd Brothers' on a 'sale' at one of the Chennai Landmarks. Still cost me 200 each. Now a REAL sale would be something to the tune of 50 per CD.
Am reading John le Carre's 'The Looking-Glass War' right now. Heavy going. Place where I'm staying has quite a nice little library. My hosts' son is a reader with taste! But then, anybody who reads Tolkien has to be a person who reads varied and interesting stuff. Don't know how that rule works, but it's a good rule of the thumb.
Hello world, looks like somebody has been visiting my new 'place'. Thanks, whoever it was, but do leave a name so I know.
Just saw 'Matrix Reloaded', a pirated version recorded in a cinema-hall. It was quite funny to watch the anonymous recorder adjusting the angle from time to time. Lends a new dimension to movie-watching. As for the movie itself, what can I say? It is a sexier, more worked out version. Obviously, the original charm is greatly lessened. It could be that I am no longer a wide-eyed innocent but I never was, in any living memory (was I? Your comments are invited!). The American sentiment ruins the end, but the idea is darn interesting all the same. And the fights are plain sexy. And I don't mean that in the college slang kind of way, because they are actually erotic. You work it out. Actually I'm feeling let down because now I have to wait another 8, 10 months to catch what happens in the 24 hrs to follow. Have never been the type who liked suspense.
I think I will soothe myself by a spot of shopping, nothing like a spending spree to buoy one up.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Dear Whoever-is-reading-this,
Do I know you? If yes, do drop me a line informing me this thing is functional. It's my second attempt and today has been a pretty non-productive day so far, all things considered.
TISS looks like a washout. Was called for the individual interview, but I think I screwed up therein... came across as sounding so arrogantly self-opinionated, I blush for myself in the seclusion of this room.
Where are all the good looking men??? Here I am in Mumbai of all places -- was told I'd get my money's worth around here -- and all I catch are the pretty dames. Hell if I'd wanted that I'd have gone and looked into a mirror. (Reader, if you know me kindly refrain from that highly rude sniggering. It's my blog and I can type what I want. So there.)
Oh well, at least IIT Powai is a restful place, not to speak of the amazing internet they got on the tap here. So what if all the future brains of the world have gone home for the summer. Nobody ever claimed engineers were good-looking, right?
Arrivederci my friends, I will end as I feel, on a highly despondent note.